“Brandon’s story was raw and his message was powerful. I believe him sharing his experience got the conversation started for many young people.”

Preston P. | High School Sophomore

“Wow, this really can happen to anyone.”

Aidan G. | High School Freshman

“Brandon affected me because I realized how fast addiction can happen and what it does to your life. It taught me that if we see something we should stand up and speak about it.”

Brenna M. | High School Junior

“I thought I was going to walk into just another “why you shouldn’t do drugs” talk but this was different.The stories hit home especially being in a high school where drugs are an issue for the students. All the kids in school were talking about it the next day.”

Emily B | High School Junior

“Brandon Arold has changed my life from simply telling his story. He opened my eyes to understanding how addiction can happen to anyone and how serious substance abuse is. He showed me how to value things I take for granted and understand how important life really is, especially as a growing teenager.”

Chayse D. | High School Freshman

“What a moving and powerful speech. You could hear a pin drop. And to see the tears in kid’s eyes, he reached them on a profound level.”

Kim P. | High School Parent

“My daughter cried on the way back to the car because she realized it’s not one specific person. It could be anyone from any walk of life. It just takes one time.”

Danielle C. | Middle School Parent

“I haven’t heard the auditorium that quiet in a really long time. Everyone was locked into his story. Very Powerful.”

Lawrence F. | Former High School Teacher

“I brought 2 of my kids and we were able to have an amazing conversation on the way home. I haven’t heard my stepson open up so much in years. It was incredible.”

Christa E. | High School Parent