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Motivational Speaker for Teenagers, Young Adults and Beyond

Brandon Arold is an educational speaker who addresses the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse through his personal journey of addiction. Brandon was born and raised in Kingston, New York. The youngest of three siblings, he was brought up in a loving home by his parents. He excelled in academics and athletics, and was well liked by his peers and teammates.

He was on a path that was destined for a bright future until a wrong turn changed everything. Brandon started experimenting with alcohol and marijuana at the age of 13. Unfortunately, this experimenting did not end. It led to an eventual addiction to pain pills and heroin, a story we see too often in obituary notices posted across America. He was lucky enough to survive two overdoses and now brings awareness and education to the public by sharing his story. His speaking engagements also address vaping, mental health and finding the strength to ask for help.

In addition to public speaking, Brandon works in an addiction treatment center helping men and women of all ages get their life back.

In the Press

School Assembly Addresses Addiction
and the Road to Recovery

November 18, 2022

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