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From Straight A’s and Athletics to Heroin Addict to Recovery
Brandon’s story is both a cautionary and hopeful message for today’s youth

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Motivational Speaker for Teenagers, Young Adults and Beyond

Brandon will take you on a journey through his picture perfect childhood to an innocent curiosity of recreational marijuana at age 13 which led to a doorway of addiction that he would not be able to close for the next 23 years. Hear about his struggles and heartache and his road to recovery. It’s a story of hope, the importance of reaching out for help, and the truth about the pressures and stress that teenagers face in today’s world. And it’s proof that substance abuse can happen to anyone. Brandon speaks to teenagers and young adults sharing his story to bring awareness on the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse, as well as the most recent trend of vaping.

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Statistically, 13 people lose their life to drugs or alcohol every hour in the United States. 13 is also the age Brandon was when he was first introduced to drugs and alcohol. The mission: if we reach kids by the age of 13 with Brandon’s message, we can make a difference in lowering that mortality rate.